Transforming Supply Chains/ Networks

Quezon City, Philippines.

Supply Chain/ Network Transformation (SC/NT) entails fundamental change in the organization, and the rest of the chain/ network participants. It calls for much more than making small improvements within the traditional functional and organizational “silos”; with the objective of maximizing supply-chain value, and at the same time satisfying customer needs and wants.

Let us be reminded that supply-chains normally encompass all business activities and/ or companies needed to design, make, deliver, and use particular product(s)—which could be a physical goods or a service.

SC/NT is a subset of Supply Chain Management which for our purpose will be defined as the COORDINATED planning, leading, organizing, and controlling of pertinent aspects of product designs, transformations, storage, locations, and movement between and among the participants in a supply chain; in order to achieve the best mix of responsiveness and efficiency for the particular market being served.

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About Ramon H. Enriquez MIE&M, RME

Ramon H. Enriquez is a retired business executive who now spends his available time sharing his more than 35 years of industry experiences in the Philippines and abroad (Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, and Switzerland) as an Independent Management Consultant and as a Professional Lecturer of leading Metro-Manila universities. He now specializes on the following value-creation and strategy-execution fields of endeavor: Supply-Chains, Operations, Quality, Enterprise-Projects, and Decision-support---their systems design and management, in particular. His affiliations with relevant leading global industry associations (APICS, CSCMP, PMI, INFORMS, ASQ, ISM among others) keeps him informed and updated on the current and future developments in the above-mentioned fields. He is a lifelong Systems Thinker/ Modeler, and an avid Micro-blogger. His hobby includes Digital-photography/ -graphics, Singing, Acoustic guitar playing, Songwriting, and Audio-recording/ -mixing. When not traveling, he normally spends his time at his Quezon City home-office with his wife, Gay; son, Dax; and dog, Brutus.
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